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360 Licence FAQ's

Commonly asked questions?

Is this a Franchise?

No this is not a Franchise.  The Q Labour Hire 360 Partner Network is structured to provide its 360 Partners with a licence to access and use the Q Labour Hire systems and processes to support their business.  There is an upfront investment for the licence (with a funding option) and an ongoing fee of 6.5% on the invoice.


Are there territories or regions that I am restricted to?

No, you can work wherever you like.  We understand that a client may be nationally based so to restrict our 360 Partners to a region does not make sense. We do have arrangements whereby 360 Partners share knowledge around current and potential clients to ensure no two 360 Partners will be competing.


I already have a recruitment agency and want to extend into labour hire as an additional service.  Can I continue to operate this part of the business as my own or do I have to move the whole business across?

No, we can identify current clients that you have at time of becoming a 360 Partner and these clients will not be subjected to a support fee.


Can I sell my licence in the future?

Yes, this is your business that you are growing.  You are able to sell your business if you wish.


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