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5 Tips to get your Staff Fit, Healthy and More Productive

Ian Rowe - Thursday, April 23, 2015

Today’s leading employers realise that staff wellness is ultimately linked to business productivity. You need to offer your staff opportunities to exercise to encourage them to achieve a healthy work/life balance.

Healthy, happy staff work harder, take less sick days and ultimately prove to be more stable long term employees. It’s a win-win situation when your staff are motivated & energised as well as recognise the investment you are making in their health.  

These 5 tips will see you boost your team’s health and morale, curb staff desire to look for greener pastures and even lure new talent attracted to such a healthy working environment.

1) Commuting:

It can be tough to find time out of work to exercise. Encouraging your team to cycle to work can have a radical impact on their health. Consider offering secure bicycle parking and installing a shower for active commuters to freshen up & start work feeling energised with their exercise quota already ticked for the day.

2) In house machines/ gym membership:

Some workplaces offer treadmills for staff use or a dedicated work out equipment area. If your budget won’t stretch that far, offer company exercise related perks such as a discount membership through a company affiliation with a local gym. Encourage your staff to bond and socialise there rather than meeting up at the local bar!

3) Group activities/ excercise:

The team that sweats together stays together – promote team spirit with opportunities for group exercise. Consider the following ideas:

-  Organise Tennis or basketball social games on weekends or after work.

-  Promote a day a week where staff bring in their trainers and head out for a 20min walk together

-  Plan a monthly weekend scenic team hike. 

-  Holding regular fun fitness events at work such as playing a team exercise video will get even the most reluctant exercise devotees in on the action. Get the music pumping and get moving. It doesn’t have to be serious - get them laughing too!

-  Hire a Boot Camp instructor and offer staff a group exercise session outside in your car park after work once a week. There is nothing like a bit of kickboxing to deal with any pent up work stress.

4) Subsidise sport/ race entries:

Put your money behind staff striving to be their best. Subsidize part of any employees’ entry fee in a local marathon or triathlon. It gives a clear message your encouraging staff to invest in their health and achieve their personal goals – not just your professional ones. Recognise and celebrate staff achievements in a company newsletter. Remember where one leads others will follow.

5) Healthy treats in the office

Remove temptation – don’t expose staff to unhealthy choices with sugar laden junk food and soft drink machines at work. Offer healthy snack options and fresh fruit during staff meetings – those cream filled doughnuts and apple strudels are just undoing all that good work


Remember it’s not just about physical health its mental health too. Sometimes staff will be dealing with deadlines or a heavier workload – make sure you look for any sign of employee burn out and prevent team members crashing and becoming too overwhelmed to stay in their job. Staff should be encouraged to take a lunch hour and their accrued time off. These small things help prevent burnout in the long run.

Treating your employees as the valuable commodity they are will only benefit your business. Isn't it time you put your staff’s health at the top of your priority list?


7 Ways to keep your staff happy in 2015

Ian Rowe - Wednesday, January 07, 2015

7 Ways to keep your staff happy in 2015

It’s a startling fact employers need to face - some of your employee’s New Year’s resolutions might just include looking for a new job. What are you doing to make sure that your team comes back after the holidays excited to be a part of your company, rather than looking to jump ship?

Not only are a happy workforce more productive, inclined to give great customer service and have a positive impact on your businesses bottom line – they will be loyal and rearing to go in the year ahead. After all what business can succeed without the right people on board?

Be proactive cultivating your employee’s happiness, after all we can find you great staff but it’s up to you to keep them!

1 Give them opportunities for growth and promotion

Give your staff a goal to work toward and reward them accordingly. Make sure you provide opportunities for promotion and extra responsibility as well the raise in pay that goes with it when it’s earned. No one wants to stand still in any job - don’t let your talent walk away just to advance their career elsewhere.  

2. Invest in technology

Don’t let your staff get frustrated working on outdated equipment. Whether your employees work in a retail or an office environment, if your technology doesn’t support them to work productively and easily they definitely won’t be happy in their job. If you don’t invest in the right technology to support your staff, you’re going to be the ultimate loser when they leave to find a better job.

3. Offer continuing education

Happy, engaged staff are cultivated with opportunities to learn new skills and broaden their horizons – think what opportunities for continuing education and up-skilling in 2015 you can offer your staff. Not only does more training enhance their worth in your business, your employees will appreciate the personal investment you are making in them rather than just seeing your investment in their weekly pay packet.

4. Even a small bonus can give a lot of love

Everyone loves a bonus but for a lot of companies it’s just not financially feasible to share the love in this way. Did you realise that even a small bonus can have a massive positive effect on staff satisfaction, showing your staff they are valued and ultimately increasing loyalty. A recent survey of retail workers showed that 60% would be happy with an end of year bonus of just $25, with respondents stating that it actually inspired them to work harder. 

5. Create an enjoyable workplace

Staff are happier if they like the environment they work in. Does your workplace feel a little soulless and dull? Simple things like playing music can create an upbeat atmosphere and occasionally providing food to employees can be a big boost to morale. Make sure necessary meetings are concise, motivating and watch out for unnecessary length.

6. Regular Feedback is Key

Have an open door policy for all your staff – let them know their concerns and thoughts can be heard by senior management at all times. Put in place quarterly ‘Happiness Surveys’ to get a real gauge on staff morale – you need to know what frustrates them before they head out the door.

 7. Form a Social Committee

You don’t just want worker bees – if you’re going to keep your staff happy they need to be engaged and have regular team building opportunities for fun and bonding. Elect a social committee to foster a great team culture in your organisation, you want your staff to feel like a family rather than just employees. Your social committee can organise welcome drinks for new team members, group outings to the theatre or sporting events, staff sporting teams as well as recognising employee birthday’s and celebrating fun milestones such as anniversaries of being a valued employee. 

Make sure you implement some or all of these ideas to ensure your workplace is full of motivated, loyal and most importantly, happy staff in 2015!

The staff Christmas party.....and what not to do!

Ian Rowe - Monday, December 08, 2014

In the lead up to the silly season, it is opportune to give some thought to the responsibilities of both employers and employees alike, when it comes to behaviour at work Christmas parties. 

CCIQ (Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland) recently held a very informative webinar on this topic, and covered some common mistakes that are made in Christmas party situations, and also discussed the responsibilities of employers and employees.  

Firstly, it should be stated that Christmas parties are an important event in the office environment and are excellent, on the whole, for office morale.  We are certainly not playing the role of the Christmas Grinch, as long as care is taken. Some things to remember to ensure you don’t fall into the common pitfalls;

1)      Remember you are still at work. A Christmas Party, even off site and out of hours, is considered an extension of the workplace.  Employees can have their employment terminated if they are guilty of serious misconduct at a Christmas party, and likewise, employers are still responsible for ensuring a safe environment for their employees.

2)      Christmas Spirit- Don’t over indulge if alcohol is available at your celebration. Employers must ensure that alcohol is served responsibly, that non- alcoholic alternatives are freely available and that there are mechanisms in place to control the flow of alcohol.

3)      Don’t drunkenly harass your colleagues. Sexual harassment legislation definitely applies, and employees and employers can be subject to claims. If they are present at the event, actions of partners against employees will also fall under this legislation.

4)      No inappropriate use of social media. Comments made in private on a personal computer or device, and even when out of hours, about a colleague or employer are grounds for disciplinary action.

…..and finally…….have fun! Celebrate with your team, and show them your appreciation for their efforts.

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